FAQs About TruDenta® in Gig Harbor, WA

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If you suffer from headaches and migraines, or experience pain in your face, jaw, or neck, you should see your dentist right away. The cause could be due to imbalances in your mouth that are impacting the surrounding muscle areas and causing you pain. Uptown Dental Gig Harbor offers clinically proven tools and treatments that can assess, treat and eliminate your pain.

Introducing TruDenta

TruDenta is a highly effective system that not only relieves your pain but treats the source of the problem. Employing the latest methods used in sports therapy, TruDenta is a drug-free and pain-free way to provide you with long-lasting relief.

The TruDenta® Exam

The comprehensive TruDenta exam involves:

  • In-depth computerized measurements of the force balance in your mouth, including measurements of any muscle impairments
  • Detailed measurements of mouth movements

These tests are completely painless and allow the dentist to diagnose the cause of your symptoms. The dentist will also examine other areas of your mouth, including the muscles and teeth, for possible impairment.

To ensure a successful treatment, a comprehensive questionnaire will be administered. The questionnaire will detail your oral health and dental history and allow you to inform your dentist of any pain symptoms. The more your dentist knows about your oral health history and symptoms, the better they can treat and relieve your head pain.

The TruDenta System

The TruDenta system involves both in-office treatments and an at-home program. The system is customized for each patient to maximize the chances of success.

In-office treatments include gentle light therapy, electrical stimulation, muscle manipulation, and ultrasound therapy.

The at-home program includes exercises that the patient does between treatments and an orthotic that is worn for short periods to help relieve pain.

TruDenta Costs

Costs of TruDenta treatment will vary depending on the patient’s condition and specific needs; however, treatment costs usually range from a couple hundred to several thousand dollars. Uptown Dental Gig Harbor offers a number of flexible payment options and plans to make treatment as affordable as possible. Please click on our “TruDenta Costs” page to find out more information.


Your treatment may or may not be covered depending on your insurance provider and policy. Please visit our “TruDenta Costs” page or contact our office for more information.

Is TruDenta right for you?
‘‘Thanks to TruDenta I can finally live comfortably again. I feel like a completely new person. I would recommend it to anyone who is suffering from headaches.’’


‘‘I can't believe how much better I feel now. I can finally wake up and not be in constant pain.’’


‘‘I was initially skeptical at first, but I was in so much pain that I was willing to try anything. I'm glad I did. I've completed treatment 3 months ago and I haven't had a single headache since!’’


‘‘The migraines were so bad that I would literally be in tears sometimes. I was probably taking 15 Advils a day just to get through the day. Since I’ve completed treatment, I haven't touched an Advil since!’’