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As a dental office, we strive to be not only welcoming and effective in our treatments but clean as well. Good enough doesn’t quite do it for our practice. We want top-quality cleaning, filtering, and safety for every one of our patients.

Clean air is especially important to us in the dental field. The nature of our work with open mouths, water tools, air tools, and the number of patients we see every day can cause many types of particles and microbes to become airborne. These will then quickly spread around the entire building.

That’s why we use Surgically Clean Air inside our office.

What Is Surgically Clean Air?

The summarized answer is that SCA is an air-filtering system.
A mature man at the dentist smiling

The longer answer is that it isn’t just any old filtering system. SCA is a top-of-the-line, thorough, and effective way to maintain the cleanliness of our practice. This remarkable system helps us meet the high standards of excellence we strive to provide to our valued patients.

With SCA, medical and dental facilities around the world are able to help all manner of patients without the risk of cross-contamination, exposure to allergens, or the growth of dangerous microbes. The air does, in fact, become surgically clean.

This system can accomplish this task through a few incredible features:

Six-Stage Filtration and Sterilization

Many air filters have one filtering platform. The better ones have two or three. SCA goes beyond all that by employing a six-stage filtering process. With such thorough processing, we are able to keep all manner of particles out of circulation.

SCA successfully filters out bio-aerosols, odors, gasses, disinfectants, particulates, molds, bacteria, fungus, allergens, and viruses. In addition, SCA is highly effective at cleaning general pollutants out of the air. With these out of the way, we are able to offer each of our patients a truly safe and healthy environment in which to receive excellent dental care.

Sound Dampening Design

It might seem like a system with that much processing power would be a real nuisance. However, we are pleased to report that such is not the case with SCA.

The developers of SCA specifically created a noise-canceling design through sound-damping. This allows the unit to operate at no more than approximately 55 dB. This is about the sound level of an average kitchen dishwasher.

No roaring. No need for shouting to be heard over the machine. SCA provides clean air without being a source of stress, anxiety, or sensory overload.

Stress Reduction

In fact, not only is it true that SCA doesn’t increase stress. It actively decreases it. The low levels of sound are just one way in which this happens.

Asthmatic reactions are a common source of anxiety, especially for those with very severe lung difficulties. Eliminating both pollutants and allergens allows anyone with asthma to literally breathe more easily during their appointment.

For those with autism, anxiety, or highly sensitive senses of smell, scents of any sort can be more than just distracting. The SCA reduction of air particles and gases means there are no odors.

Surgically Clean Air means a healthy, stress-free, risk-free breathing environment for everyone involved.

A mature man at the dentist smiling

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