At Uptown Dental Gig Harbor, we take great pride in our patients’ results, our commitment to the relationship with our patients, the team we have the privilege to work with, and our beautiful, comfortable facility. Uptown Dental features overstuffed leather chairs, a fireplace, glass artwork, and timeless quality.

For nearly two decades, Dr. Savage has set a higher standard for her dental practice. Never complacent, she continually updates our state-of-the-art practice with the newest and most innovative treatments, technology, and techniques. This allows our patients to achieve a level of health and wellness they never thought possible.

A young couple smiling for dental services at Uptown Dental
Exceptional Experience

What makes Dr. Savage unique as a dentist is a vast knowledge she’s obtained through her career as an assistant, a front-desk person, a US Navy dentist, and 17 years of private practice. Our practice has the ability, with a simple swish of salt water, to tell you about the bacteria that are causing gum and bone disease and determine the best antibiotic and treatment. It’s a real game-changer for patients. For us, it’s all about the patients and their health; it’s not just about the teeth.

Advanced Pain Relief with Trudenta®

We believe that the teeth, muscles, and nerves of the head and neck are all intertwined. The nerve center for migraine pain, neck pain, and teeth are all in the same part of the brain. When the teeth are balanced and the muscles are treated, 95% of patients can go off their headache medication. Their quality of life improves. When they sleep better, they have more energy. It’s how we know we’re providing life-changing dentistry!

A young couple smiling for dental services at Uptown Dental