A man wearing mouth guards while playing football

Do you enjoy playing sports or have an active lifestyle? If so, you need to take the proper measures to protect your mouth from possible injury. Oral injuries, such as broken or cracked teeth or fractured bones, are extremely common in sports, so it’s imperative to protect yourself from them.

Whether you enjoy participating in high-contact sports such as football or rugby or low-contact sports like baseball or golf, our UnderArmour™ Performance Mouthwear can help to protect your mouth and improve your overall performance. Unlike conventional mouthguards, our performance mouthwear uses special Bite Tech technology to keep your jaw muscles relaxed and prevent teeth clenching and grinding during competition. By preventing these stress-inducing behaviors, your facial muscles can stay relaxed and allow you to stay focused.

Why Choose Us for Mouthguards

Keeping your teeth safe.
A man exercising on the beach

Our performance mouthwear comes in a wide variety of types and styles to suit your personality. You can design your mouthwear with decals or even yellow bite plates to personalize them to your unique tastes.

To ensure a proper fit, each mouth wear is custom-made to your mouth’s exact specifications. During your visit to our office, we will take bite impressions of your upper and lower teeth and send these to a dental lab to create your custom-fitted mouthwear. Once your performance mouthwear is ready, which usually takes about 10 days, you’ll return to our office to pick them up. It’s that easy!

The mouthwear is extremely durable and, for most athletes, will last for at least the full season. However, if you chew on your mouthwear or your teeth or jaw undergo significant changes, you will likely have to replace your product sooner than later. If you’re looking for some extra protection for your smile, contact … Click to go to the page of contact … Uptown Dental Gig Harbor to speak with us today. Your smile will thank you for it!

A man exercising on the beach