A woman showing off her newly whitened smile after her Philips Zoom treatment

Are unsightly stains ruining your smile? Uptown Dental Gig Harbor may have the solution for you: Philips Zoom! Philips Zoom is a quick and safe way to effectively whiten your teeth.

Recommended by both dentists and patients alike, the Zoom Light-Activated Gel can give you a dramatically whiter smile in no time. The gel is activated by our Whitening LED Accelerator, which, together, gently removes the stains from the surfaces of your teeth. In fact, your teeth can become eight shades whiter after only 45 minutes in our office.

Is Philips Zoom Right for You?

Most people can benefit from a whiter smile. Having whiter teeth can make you feel and look better. It can also boost your confidence and self-esteem. However, Philips Zoom may be more effective for some individuals than others. People who have staining due to aging, coffee, tea, wine, and tobacco will notice the biggest differences. However, if you have grey staining due to tetracycline or other chemicals, your results may be less noticeable. Your dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth to determine the appropriate amount of whitening necessary to achieve desired results.

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