Online Services

Fast, Safe and Secure

At Uptown Dental Gig Harbor, we aim to make your dental experience as efficient as possible. That’s why it’s now possible for you to access your dental information online FREE at anytime.

Accessing your online services has never been easier: All you have to do is log into your account on our website, and you will be able to view all your patient information. The server is completely safe and secure and exceeds the HIPAA requirements.

Some of the exclusive features available to you include:

Email and Text Message Reminders

Choose your preferred communication method for appointment reminders with email, text message, and/or voicemail. Download a reminder for your calendar so you never miss an appointment. You can also confirm appointments online with the click of a mouse.

Financial Pages

Customize how you want to receive financial reminders through email or voicemail. Easily review and print your financial records online from the comfort of your home.

Click here for more insurance and payment information, including our in-office dental savings plan for patients who do not have dental coverage.

View Images

View your dental images and x-rays right from our website.

Share Your Smile with Family and Friends

Share your new smile with your loved ones via email and Facebook.

Post-Appointment Feedback

Help us continue providing quality dental services by giving us your valuable feedback. Following your appointment, we will provide you with a link to fill out our quick online survey.

At Uptown Dental Gig Harbor, we aim to provide our patients with the best care dentistry has to offer. To find out more about our exclusive dental services, contact us today.